About Daslu

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Coffee, good chatting and shopping amongst friends. These were – basically – the first ingredients for success that would later on be called 'Daslu'. In 1958, São Paulo was the scene of a still shy idea: Lucia Piva de Albuquerque and her partner Lourdes Aranha meet their friends in a House, which soon became small for such a demand.

The Vila Nova Conceição residential neighborhood was the scene for the expansion of the closed quarters' boutique. What used to be a single property turned into an interconnection of 23 houses which, over the years, received the Brazilian society.

The store had no windows, not even a name on the door. Everything was very discreet. A pioneer, Daslu soon become a reference of the country's luxury market by selling, above all, style... and dreams. Daslu has always been and still remains a trendsetter. It was the first to conduct private fashion shows for customers in the store, developing catalogues with the collections and the first to launch a customized fashion magazine. The store created a particular method for showcasing the pieces and mainly to support its customers, treating them as friends and not as mere consumers.

From the beginning, all the details for the operation of the store were designed with determining care. And, already at this time, the store was born with this personalized and unique service, never seen before in Brazil, and that even today is a registered mark.

Until the early 80's, Daslu exclusively sold brands manufactured in Brazil. With the death of Lucia, her daughter, Eliana Piva de Albuquerque Tranchesi, took over the business and proposed several changes to the company, including the creation of a Daslu line of clothes.

And this was the birth of the Daslu brand as it is today, full of collections composed of styles and noble materials and products of exceptional quality. It was the first brand in Brazil to work with leather, chamois and launch a line of imported cashmere. Today, the Daslu label translates exactly what the Brazilian woman expects from fashion and the proof of this is the record sales hit with each collection launch.

Daslu Man

In the mid 90's, Daslu was an unprecedented success among women, and when there seemed to be nowhere else to grow, Eliana Tranchesi decided to bet in a market utterly lacking in Brazil: men's fashion.

Daslu man appeared from this need, the man line that follows all the concepts of excellence from the original label. Today, the name behind the Daslu man is Lu Pimenta's.

The Daslu includes in its menu, not just fashion (man's, ladies', and children), but also decoration and high luxury items.

Daslu Villa

The first address, in Vila Nova Conceição, São Paulo, totaled 12,500 m² of pure elegance. With the increasing number of customers and associations it was necessary, however, to move to a space that would fit in this volume. And the Villa was designed from such need.

The first blueprint drafts were created back in 2003. After several meetings at Eliana' home, Daslu Projects was created with more than 20 associates to translate the thought of Daslu brand.

After 10 months, the work came to life. The place that earned the name Daslu Villa began with more than 17,000 m² just to house the store and more than 3,000 m² for the Daslu Terrace.

To give life to the project, it took a team of renowned architects led by Julio Ricardo and Marco Neves.

To date, Daslu boasts the most amazing and chic settings in Brazil. All meticulously taken care by a team of visual merchandising professionals who coordinate the changes in the decor according to the collection every two months.

Daslu in the world and the world at Daslu

At the beginning of the 90's, Eliana decided to expand the company bringing to Brazil the most important international fashion labels. In a few years, Daslu managed to sell, on an exclusive basis, over 300 imported labels. Worldwide, more than 70 stores sell the Daslu brand. And they are everywhere on the planet: the Americas and Caribbean, Africa, Europe, Middle East and Asia. In addition to 65 boutiques in Brazil.

For years, Daslu also exhibited collections in a showroom at the Plaza Athenée Hotel in Paris, during the prêt-à-porter seasons for the press and international buyers.